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bu şarkı da evrende bir kıza gitsin benden hiç bir zaman mesajı almayacak belki de..

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Insane the Membrane Guide

Hello and welcome to the best, easiest and most up-to-date guide of the insane the membrane title. 2016.

Updated for patch 6.2.4, april 2016.

First I'm gonna give you some information about this title.

This achievement doesnt appear in achievement book, however by writing "/run AddTrackedAchievement(2336)" code you can track the achievement but to me its useless.
This achievement brings you the tile of "playermane the Insane" and brings a fos achievement with it. It's popular because its one of the rarest, hardest to obtain and time-consuming achievement.
You'll do this achievement with 1 character, you cant do it by partly with your other chars. So complete/start it with 1 spesific character you choose. I recommend easy class like 1 button aoe abilitys and engineering skills.
Dont confuse your mind with bloodsail and cartel reputation interaction, its superb easy.
You wont need much gold for this achievement unless you buy the "heavy junkboxes" from another player.
You'll need 1 rogue character above 60 level in-order to complete this achievement or some gold to spend on it.
The only thing isnt in your hands while doing this achievement is "The Darkmoon Faire" reputation. Because it schedules only 6.5 days in a month. I'll later explain it.
Add players while you met up doing this achievement they'll help/form group with you. With group of people this achievement is really easy except the ravenholtd junkboxes part.

To get this achievement;
Darkmoon faire exalted
Bloodsail Buccaneers honored
Ravenholdt exalted
Steemwheedle cartel exalted
  -Booty bay

Bloodsail Buccaneers
This faction interacts with cartel reputation. So if you gain reputation with cartel your bloodsail reputation will decrease.
So you MUST complete this faction first.
Raise your reputation to honored. I raised it to like 11900 so I didnt want a trouble it decreaseing.
Basicly you go to booty bay and kill guards. Dont harras with other factions players or low level players.
Guards are hard to kill create a group at least 2-3 people with self healing abilitys or with a healer.
It takes 4-5 hours to get 11.9k honored.
You can un-tick bloodsail reputation at your bar now. (After getting insane title from this point you re-tick your reputation to "at war" and you can keep on killing guards for "bloodsail admiral" title.
you must tick "at war" section in order to interact
and start reputation with bloodsail buccaneers
this is where you kill guards, location
you basicly kill guards around yellow path at docks

Darkmoon faire
You'll need 2x darkmoon faire to get exalted.
It only occurs 6.5 days in a month. Remember it starts at 12am so on that night you start dailys after 3 am server daily reset you can do dailys again following that day.
Darkmoon dailys give tickets. If there's no reputation hat comes out from boxes you go buy it with tickets. You must use it while turning quests everyday. With this hat you gain %10 more reputation buff. Also you can interact other faction quests/grinding with "darkmoon top hat".
There are 8 daily quests. Superb easy.
There are monthly quests with professions. You can do these once on a month in according to your professions. I dont believe missing 1-2 of them will cause you problem.
There's also 1 quest called "Test Your Strength" that you need to kill mobs. Basicly you go grind easy mobs at your level or do lfr etc. Dont forget to turn it or dont delay it to next month.
There are 9 monthly "Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide" quests. Buy these from auction house and turn them.
 -Fallen Adventurer's Journal
 -Banner of the Fallen
 -Captured Insignia
 -Imbued Crystal Rewards
 -Monstrous Egg Rewards
 -Mysterious Grimoire Rewards
 -Ornate Weapon
 -Soothsayer's Runes
 -A Treatise on Strategy
1.the buff. 2. quests that reward hat as gift. 3. the effect of the hat.
it's important that you can use this hat for all factions during darkmoon faire

One of the hardest.
Dont panic if you dont see it in your reputation bar. It'll show up after you kill first mob.
From neutral to 11.999 honored you'll kill syndicate humanoids grind at Arathi highlands, Eastern Kingdom.
The more you group it goes faster.
It takes several hours to grind mobs till 11.999 honored.
After you reach 11.999 honored you start turning heavy junkbox quest in order to get exalted. Like 1400 boxes.
Quest turn location at Hillsbrad foothills, Eastern Kingdom. You can make your hearthstone to tarren mill for turning quests easy and engineering helps you a lot.
You'll need a rogue character for heavy junkboxes.
Easiest way is going to lower blackrock spire dungeon in the blackrock mountain and pickpocket all mobs. While you running back you pickpocket some mobs twice to exit. Then you reset, re-enter dungeon.
Quest requires 5x heavy junkbox. It gives 75 reputation. With darkmoon reputation buff more.
Personally I bought boxes around 50-60k.
ravenholdt neutural to 11.999 honored location
ravenholdt neutural to 11.999 honored location
feral humanoid tracking

11.999 to exalted quest location
i highly recommend doing your hearthstone to tarren mill while you turning boxes.

lockbox farming for quest, you'll mail these to main character

you finish ravenholdt exalted by turning quests
Steemwheedle cartel
So you did bloodsail reputation to honored you ready to do cartel now.
You are at hated -40.000k reputation. :)
You go to tanaris, east of caverns of time. There's a small village you need to grind about 20.000 mobs.
Trick is the faster you kill the faster they respawn so if you can make 5 people ideal group you split area to 5 with marks everyone goes to markers and kill the mobs there while you banner midddle of area. If you are alone with this may god be with you.
After you get 3 cartels to exalted. Gadgetzan reputation stops at 20.999 revered. At this point you go to gray island at barrens and kill the mob in the middle. This will give you the reputation you need.
Use dalaran > caverns of time portal to get grinding area.
Do this grinding weekends and make sure you always pop up group finder. Its more likely to find people at weekends like raventhold reputation grind to honored.
steemwheedle cartel reputation location
details and some tips to speed things up
after reaching 20.999 gadgetzan you need to kill 1 last mob to get exalted and its location, you'll notice npc easy